Are Your Studies Becoming Your God?

And just like that, we are again going through one of the toughest times in every year of our college life: Finals Week. This may or may not be our crucial deciding semester whether we’ll be able to march this graduation or not, but I know a lot of us are struggling right as of the moment to keep our grades up to reach the passing score or even the cut-off for graduation.

There we are, barely getting enough sleep as we skim through the countless pages of scribbles in our notes, clinging on to the hope that this will save us as the clock ticks to our final exam in a few hours.

There we are, aggressively dancing our fingers along our keyboards and tablets desperately trying to finish a paper or a research manuscript, fixing our eyes on our screens, terrified to make a single mistake.

There we are, so lost in our stressed world thinking we should, by all means, shift all our focus to finish whatever academic requirement is left to make sure we come out of this semester alive, although barely.

There we are. Where is He in our life?

In these moments of desperation, we often overlook our Bibles, skip our prayers, and forget Him for a short while. We think that by doing so, we’ll be able to get the sweet reward of an A from our numerous episodes of all-nighters and study sessions.

Heart check: Is this really the reward that we want? 

When getting A’s has been more important than spending time with God, that’s when we have to shift perspective and reassess our life’s priorities. Are we missing something?

As Christians, when we gave our life to the Lord, we have committed 100% of our being. It is a complete package of loving God and offering everything to Him. It is a 180 degree turn. It’s not something that falters whenever we’re too busy or too occupied.

God, I’ll have to finish this first. I’ll talk to you later. I hope you understand.

I know we are all very familiar with this line. We are all guilty of having our minds say these words at least once in our college lives when it is only an hour left before the deadline of our projects. In these moments of panic and fear, all of us tend to think allotting all our time and energy to finish our requirements will work. But no, it does not work that way. We think we’re running out of time but the truth is, there will always be time for Him no matter how much we think we don’t.

God can do a lot more in 5 minutes than you can in 20 years.

We are merely humans and are very much incapable of making things go our way all the time. We will encounter unexpected trouble. But here’s the good news: God can do incredible breakthroughs in seconds. God will make a way no matter what. Trust Him. Trust His love. 

“This reading is too long! Where do I start?” 

“I have three exams tomorrow. Which should I study first?”

“I’m tired. Should I take a nap or finish this first?”

Here’s an advice: choose to go with God. It is one thing we forget when dealing with moments of panic. Before you immerse your self in your sea of papers, notebooks, and books, call unto Him and let Him help you.

When we skip seeking God in everything we do, when we think we can go on with our duties and responsibilities without asking Him for help, our efforts will be unfruitful. There will be less efficiency in the things that we do. These are the moments where our pride kicks in. Every time we get into these situations, let’s us ask our own souls: Are our studies becoming our God?

If our answer is yes, let us not wait any longer. Call upon Him.

“In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” – Proverbs 3:6


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